PRS was formed to transact general insurance business with effect from January 2012. The Company has gathered together a small group of capable and very experienced insurance brokers who have broad range of insurance industry experience.


PRS aims to provide technically excellent insurance support with a personal service to all clients including tailor made product solutions to fit the needs of all individual customer requirements. The Company specialises in providing insurance services to businesses and in particular those within the building and construction sectors where much of the Directors’ experience emanates. PRS also offers clients a service for their personal insurances and cover will be arranged with specialist markets. Our belief is that there continues to be a strong need for personally designed insurance programmes for clients.


The company has extensive experience and knowledge of the markets and operates using specialist underwriters in specialist fields utilising long term insurer relationships.


For our potential customers we hope to illustrate our long standing business philosophy and strategy which will have as the overriding driver the desire to provide a personal service to satisfy the individual clients’ insurance needs and deliver superior service with tailor made technical advice and support. Our main objective is to form long term relationships with the customers, developing our business through recommendation and word of mouth.


History and Background

Whilst PRS is a new venture from January 2012 the Director and many of her staff have spent their whole working careers within the insurance industry.


Zena Tebboth, the Director, formed Regent Insurance Services Limited in 1989, following a brief time at Royal Insurance, Gerling Global and then at Wimpey Insurance Services Limited which was the in house insurance department of the George Wimpey Group.


Following the formation of Regent Insurance Services Limited in 1989 the company traded until 2004 when it was sold to a West London general insurance broker and where the Director gained additional experience of the construction and commercial insurance market for a further six years.


Business Philosophy and Values

We are adamant that the philosophy and strategy will not be compromised and that philosophy is to provide a first class professional personal service to our customers, Our aim is to provide staff, customers and insurers a sound customer base with an excellent reputation for long term service strategy and pride in the industry, company and services.


Our key objective is to retain staff, customers and good insurer relations to build and develop our business. We intend to create and promote an excellent reputation of high standards, good trade relations, excellent service and sound technical knowledge and advice. We will aim to achieve growth through word of mouth, customer satisfaction, and the provision of relevant products to construction sector trade bodies.


Our ambition is to be a company which is recognised by the industry and within the construction market as a leader in its field in the provision of knowledgeable, professional insurance solutions for clients.